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Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Application

Customers today have incredibly high and increasing expectations for effortless execution of service and delivery. This is challenging companies to shift the way they interact with consumers. As the definition of customer service continues to progress, it is indeed customer behavior that is driving this transformation.

It’s now more important than ever to provide excellent service to increase customer loyalty and retention. With Dynamics 365 for Customer Service from Motley Solutions, your company will leverages built-in intelligence that consistently delivers faster, more personalized service to your customers.

  • To empower customer service agents to be more efficient and productive

  • To ensure customers experience high-quality and effective interactions

  • To automate and streamline predictable and repeatable inquiries

  • Enable businesses to engage customers across different channels

How Motley Solutions will help you​

  • Customers want quick, relevant answers across multiple channels, even on the go.  If you’re having trouble with older technology and  systems, or long on-boarding processes, it’s time to re-evaluate your solution.

  • Get back on track with Dynamics 365 for Customer Service with assistance from Motley Solutions, we help companies  deliver superior levels of service to their customers by leveraging the Customer Service platform within Dynamics 365


Dynamics 365 for Sales Application


Embrace a new way of thinking about the sales process and client relationships. With Dynamics 365 for Sales, you get features and functionality that go beyond traditional sales automation and Customer Relationship Management, to help you better understand your customers and their needs. Resulting in more won deals and engaged customers. Let us discover your organization’s custom needs and trends.

  • Artificial Sales Intelligence 

Sell smarter with a platform that guides you through the sales cycle with built-in intelligence capabilities

  • Customer Engagement

Strengthen business relationships by leveraging tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator to create authentic brand engagement

  • Progressive productivity 

Enhance your revenue by bringing your existing business processes into a system connected to Office 365 and LinkedIn data for a succinct sales cycle.

  • Accelerated Sales  

Leverage your data by utilizing analytics / dashboards that give visibility into forecasting for the future and setting up achievements for your team(s)

  • Adopt new technology 

Dynamics 365 for Sales allows your business to build custom solutions to address your unique business needs while understanding the advancement of technologies.



Dynamics 365 for Marketing Application

Sales and marketing come together seamlessly with Dynamics 365 and Adobe Marketing Cloud. Engage with your customers for better experiences throughout their journey by leveraging data-driven tools that give insight into a complete view of the customer.

Let us assess your unique business marketing methodology and assist with our expertise.

  • Media Optimizer

Ad buying solution to help determine the best advertising options based on your budget and desired platform.

  • Social

Social management platform that allows you to track social content as well as provides actionable intel to improve targeting and conversions.

  • Audience Manager

Data management platform that Identifies website traffic and more to build a 360-degree digital footprint of your audience.

  • Campaigns

Robust solutions to help simplify campaign management with marketing automation, SMS capabilities, ESP, advanced nurture capabilities, mobile responsiveness and more.

  • Analytics

Gain greater customer intelligence by leveraging data from web engagement.

  • Target

Optimization solution that allows you to offer multiple user experiences on your website by robust A/B testing functionality, mobile app optimization, conversion rate testing and more.


Dynamics 365 Field Service Solutions

Field service management is about more than just having the right tools for the job no matter where you are. It’s about being able to connect with your most important asset, your customers. With Dynamics 365 and field service management solution, you can create a customer service story that spans multiple channels, maximizes your employees’ efficiency, and exceeds customer expectations.

  • 360° View of the Customer

Achieve complete organizational alignment with Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Field Service teams for customer records..

  • Customer and Partner Engagement

Portals provide visibility and insight through configurable web pages tailored to customer or partner roles and extend the power of your Dynamics 365 to deliver self-service options to enhance the customer experience.

  • Work Order Management

Create work orders directly from a case, customer portal, email, or directly from your CRM and track against SLAs, entitlements, revenue and related costs, and invoicing.

  • Service Contracts

CRM service contracts help you maintain warranty and entitlement information organization-wide.

  • Scheduling and Optimization

Automatically schedule and assign resources based on skills, location, required parts, and work load. Routes are optimized to meet SLAs and minimize drive times.

  • Asset and Equipment Management

Manage all equipment components for complete visibility into warranty and service agreements; total revenue and related costs; and audit history.

  • Knowledge Management

Make crucial field service resources such as product manuals, technical support documentation, training, and related videos readily available to customer care representatives, partners, and field technicians.

  • Mobile

Built with technicians and field agents in mind, Dynamics 365 mobile capabilities leverage the built-in features of Android, iOS, and Windows.

  • Inventory, Parts and Logistics

Get real-time updates to ensure accurate inventory including the ability to reorder directly from Dynamics 365.

  • Analytics

With one central repository of information, key analytics and KPIs are at your fingertips for proactive decision making.


Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation

With Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation your company will have the ability to manage service project lifecycles, maximizes resource efficiency, and exceed customer expectations.

Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation is a module that allows you to manage a project implementation from pre-sales to delivery, from resourcing to task management, all the way to invoicing and everything that falls in between.










With Project Service Automation you will be able to connect with your customers and set up the right expectations to ensure success.

  • Selling Solutions 

Provide your business development unit with a centralized work area to access sales force automation services and social insights that make every conversation relevant and productive. Teams can collaborate within the app on pursuits and proposals using a client-centric approach.

  • Planning your project

Empower your sales and project managers to collaborate on estimates using pre-existing templates. For professional services automation, this app integrates with Microsoft Project, with its scheduling and management strength, to improve your project planning from estimation to completion.

  • Facilitate Project Management 

Plan and deliver successful projects using a predictable and customer-centric service delivery model.

  • Optimize Resources

Anticipate resource demand and ensure the right resources are on the right projects, keeping utilization high.

  • Project Forecasting

Prioritize project-based sales opportunities with built-in intelligence to plan for successful outcomes.

  • Increase Productivity

Empower your service professionals to deliver their best work through intuitive and collaborative tools.

  • Innovation and Adaptability 

Drive innovation with an application that's easy to tailor, extend, and connect to other apps and services you already use.


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