Training Services


Training is one of our major advisory services and recommendation when embarking on a new software system for your company.  We understand that any Dynamics 365 implementation requires the end users to know the system fo a successful on-boarding and use.  To ensure a successful implementation, we offer training  options and programs, including:

  • Product training on the out-of-the-box capabilities of Dynamics 365 and related technologies through our Dynamics 365 Classes.

  • Process training with experienced Training Consultants who focus on your business processes tailored around how you’ll use Dynamics 365, providing training and materials for your unique internal processes.

Change Management is also a crucial part of successful on-boarding and user adoption. and services led by certified Change Management Consultants who help organizations navigate their digital transformation journeys.

Standard Training Classes

Expand your product knowledge through Dynamics 365 Class training catalog that offers 12 regularly scheduled classes. These classes cover out-of-the-box capabilities and provide hands-on labs:

  • We offer Remote classes via teleconferencing or we can travel to you onsite.

    • If you have a group of users in need of training, we can deliver these classes at your office.

    • We can also deliver a selection of these classes online with a virtual instructor

Request specific Trainings

While our trainings cover many modules, we understand that many companies have very specific and unique requests.

  • That being said, we offer an option to design-your-own training. You can pick and choose from a menu at your request that includes individual modules.

  • We will collaborate with you to create tailored classes or class made up of the modules that are the perfect fit for your business requirements and deliver this training at your office.

Training Documentation

The value provided by our Training Consultants includes custom-made materials designed to help you execute your training plan. Materials that are most often needed are as follows:

  • Train the trainer Guides 

A master guide to help identify topics and themes as well as provide ideas for activities to build specific skills.

  • Training PowerPoint Presentations

Visual representation of concepts before a live demonstration.

  • Class exercises

Hands-on exercises designed to outline step-by-step instructions to make each exercise easy to follow.​

  • End User Guides

Manuals and videos provided on all the steps needed to complete certain processes that can be included into knowledge base of your system