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Property Purchase?

We buy houses, condos, land, and apartment buildings as is.  No repairs, cleanouts, agents, showings, or fees.  We pay cash, no waiting on banks for days to close.

About Our Property Purchase Service

If you have a damaged or distressed home, land or condo, Motley Solution has an easy way to sell your property fast.

Before you start making a list of repairs to make before selling your property, call us first. A traditional sale requires you to have an inspection or make repairs. Keep in mind that many buyers often want you to pay for the repairs prior to them purchasing your property. All of these headaches can be exhausting, expensive, and time-consuming. And while you’re waiting for a buyer, other problems can develop.

At Motley Solutions, we do things differently; we purchase your property as-is. There's no need to worry about how the property looks, we can purchase as is. There is no need for repairs, if you’re wondering what to fix before selling a house, relax, you don't need to with Motley Solutions. 

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